Cleaning your tile and grout

Cleaning your tile and grout should not be a difficult task; however, for many people, they have found that to be the exact opposite. To them, it is easier said than done, and that would most probably be because they are doing something wrong when it comes to cleaning tile and grout, or they have not discovered the right way to go about the cleaning process. A clean tile floor makes your house look fresh and inviting, also making your house a cleaner and healthier place to live. For as long as the following apply to you, you will always find cleaning the tile and grout a difficult task to do.

Not Knowing the Product you are cleaning.

There are different types of tiles and grout, and they require different methods and equipment for their cleaning purposes. Grout, for instance, there is the cement based grout, the sand based and the epoxy grout. The cement-based grout, for instance, is porous and absorbs anything liquid, so it easily gets stained by liquids like red wine, which will not go off easily relative to other types of grout.

The color was chosen

The color of your tile or grout is a factor in cleaning them. One of the most difficult tile and grout to clean is the white colored combination. So compared to other colors, you may find it more difficult, cleaning both white tile and white grout.

Presence of grout haze

Sometimes it happens that some grout haze is left on the surface of your tile while they were being laid. If the grout haze is not removed and is allowed to dry, it could start to grab and trap dirt and making the tile look dirty not quite long after it had been cleaned, and so requiring you too clean more often than would have been the case.

Not using the right cleaning solution

Not using the right cleaning solution could lead to you putting more energy than required into the cleaning process and yet not get the required result. For example, using ammonia and bleach-based cleaners will discolor the tile and degrade the grout. Once this happens, you cannot see your tile or grout looking sparkling cleaning as you would want them. So to make things easy,

Letting spills and stains to sit

When you don’t act fast to remove stain and spill from the tile or grout immediately, they occur, you may later have a difficult moment trying to get rid of such stains and spills. Most times, this would have been avoided had you formed the habit of not letting stain and spill to sit.

Not letting the cleaner settle a bit.

When you are carrying out the cleaning of your tile and grout, it is highly recommended that you let tile cleaner sit for a few minutes before you start scrubbing. Letting the cleaner sit helps soften and dissolve soap scum and stains, so less scrubbing is required.